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The IPA Winter 2015 is cancelled ...

We had only 8 confirmed registrations - not enough to pay the bill!

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Nov., 20th 2014

The IPA Winter 2015 is an unique event in the series of meetings organized by IPA and FWD - the mobile artspace. All living and working spaces are in the same house – and there is nothing else to do than to develop your work! So IPA Winter 2015 will be an intense experience and for sure the right place to be if you are interested in bringing further your own approach in Performance Art and to meet with people from all over the world who are professionally engaged in this field.

You will stay  in the Roverzentrum Engelberg inmidst of one of the most beautiful regions of the Swiss Alps. Altitude 3950 ft.

Like in all IPA Workshops the participants are young artists who are professionally engaged in the practice of performance art. The workshops are open to all ages, the average age is between 20 and 35 years.

The number of participants is limited to 16. We work in two groups of 8 participants. These are led by VestAndPage and Christine Biehler / Jürgen Fritz.

There is enough space inside for two groups to work. But be willing and prepared to work also outdoors - we would like to benefit from this unique environment - the snow, the cold, the ice, the darkness, the unique light, ...

IPA is a non-commercial organization. The fee is only used for organizing the events.

The owner can reserve the house only until 20/11/2014, so the fee must be received by then to our account. We have to pay the rent in advance.

Please register online here. All info you can download here.

IPA cooperates with

the mobile artspace


from Switzerland!

The workshops are led by:


  • Arrival: Sunday, January 4th, 2015 at the train station of Engelberg not later than 5:00 pm. Engelberg you reach by train from the airports of Zürich or Basel.
  • We will take you by car from the train station to the station of the cable car. We cannot go ddirectly to the house by car.
  • Workshop: Monday, 4th - Tuesday, January 13th.
  • Public performance at Tuesday, January 13th in the evening. Local artists will also be invited.
  • Departure: Wednesday, 14th January 2015.Transfer to the trainstation of Engelberg.
  • Engelberg Karte


  • Workshop: We will have 2 groups, 8 participants per group. You will stay in one group during the workshop. We have open stage in the evening/night for the exchange between the groups.
  • Meals: We will have meals together with all participants. The food is vegetarian. We will be accompgnied by one cook. Participants have to help with dishwashing.
  • Accommodation: You will stay with 8 - 10 persons in one sleeping room. You have to bring a sheeet and a sleeping bag.
  • Fee: IPA Winter fee is 420,- €. It includes:
    - Transfer from the train station Engelberg to the house, incl. cable car.
    - Workshop fee
    - Meals together with the other participants
    - Accommodation
  • All information about the IPA Winter 2015, incl. the bank account you will find in the "IPA Winter 2015 - Information For Participants" document at our Downloadsection or directly here.
  • Please register online here.
  • Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via


Dominik Lipp

Dominik Lipp

Curator and Producer of FWD>>! the mobile artspace President of the association FWD>>!

Dominik Lipp has his roots in a broad tradition of performance art where body and mind are constantly challanged. He is active as a painter and performance artist in the Swiss town Rupperswil, nationally and internationally. In the years 2000-2006 he studied fine arts at Lucerne Scool of Art&Design. The encounter between fine arts and performance art has merged into a visual and physical expression. Lipp embodies a sertain sensability to natural materials and textures, wich leads to an almost romantic conception. Since 2011 he is the curator and producent of FWD>>!, the mobile artspace ( with Oliver Ziltener) and Performance Art Festival, in Noseland, Schöftland,in Switzerland. ( Text by Frictioner 2014)



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