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The workshop place
in the canton Graubünden
near Chur, Switzerland
altitude 5800 ft (1473 m)

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IPA Winter 2014 in the Swiss Alps!

February 2nd – February 16th 2014

IPA Winter 2014 is cancelled!

We are very sorry to announce, that the IPA Winter 2014 is cancelled. We couldn´t keep the reservation for the house in the Swiss Alps, because we didn´t have not enough participants to pay the rent. We will try to find more sponsors next year, because we still think, that it is a great idea to spent together 2 week in the Swiss Alps to work and exchange about Performance Art.

Your IPA Winter Team

For the first time

we will have a


That´s simply great!!

The IPA Winter 2014 is an unique event in the series of meetings organized by IPA. All living and working spaces are in the same house – and there is nothing else to do than to develop your work! So IPA Winter 2014 will be an intense experience and for sure the right place to be if you are interested in bringing further your own approach in Performance Art and to meet with people from all over the world who are professionally engaged in this field.

You will stay in a hostel inmidst of one of the most beautiful regions of the Swiss Alps. Altitude 5800 ft - snow guarantied. You definetely shouldn´t miss it! There are still places available!

Like in all IPA Workshops the participants are young artists who are professionally engaged in the practice of performance art. The workshops are open to all ages, the average age is between 20 and 35 years. There will be about 45 invited participants who are taught in three groups.

IPA is a non-commercial organization. The fee is only used for organizing the events.

Please register online here. If you prefere, you can also register offline. All required documents for the offline-registration you can find in our Downloadsection.

IPA cooperates with

the mobile artspace FWD 



both from Switzerland,

to realize this camp! 

Don´t miss to apply!!!

The workshops are led by:


  • Arrival: Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 at Zürich Airport
  • Transfer by IPA Bus from Zürich to the workshop place in the mountains.
  • Workshop: Monday, 3rd - Thursday, February13th
  • Platform For Young Performance Artists: February 14th - 15th, probably in Chur
  • Departure: Sunday, 16th February 2014. Transfer by IPA Bus to Zürich Airport.
  • Hostel near Trans, Graubünden, Switzerland

  • Größere Kartenansicht


  • Workshop: We will have 3 workshop groups, 10 - 15 PARTICIPANTS PER GROUP. You will stay in one group during the workshop. We have open stage in the evening/night for the exchange between the groups.
  • Meals: We will all meals together with all participants. The food is vegetarian. We will be accompgnied by 2 cooks wo will take care for the food. Participants have to help with dishwashing.
  • Accommodation: The hostel have room 3 - 4 persons. You have to bring a sheeet and a sleeping bag.
  • Fee: IPA Winter fee is 600, -SFR (about 490 €). It includes during the whole 2 weeks:
    - Transfer from Zürich airport to the hostel and back.
    - Workshop fee
    - Meals together with the other participants
    - Accommodation
  • All information about the IPA Winter you will find in the "IPA Winter2014 - Information" document at our Downloadsection or directly here.
  • Please register online here. If you prefere, you can also register offline. All required documents for the offline-registration you can find in our Dowloadsection.
  • Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via


Dominik Lipp

Dominik Lipp

Curator and Producer of FWD>>! the mobile artspace President of the association FWD>>!

Dominik Lipp has his roots in a broad tradition of performance art where body and mind are constantly challanged. He is active as a painter and performance artist in the Swiss town Rupperswil, nationally and internationally. In the years 2000-2006 he studied fine arts at Lucerne Scool of Art&Design. The encounter between fine arts and performance art has merged into a visual and physical expression. Lipp embodies a sertain sensability to natural materials and textures, wich leads to an almost romantic conception. Since 2011 he is the curator and producent of FWD>>!, the mobile artspace ( with Oliver Ziltener) and Performance Art Festival, in Noseland, Schöftland,in Switzerland. ( Text by Frictioner 2014)



the cook ..
no picture, no text yet - will follow! But anyway - he is the most important person on this trip!!