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This is our old website, it is no longer maintained. You can find our new website here.

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A Legendary Milestone in the History of Performance Art:

Cooperation between PAS and IPA

June 25th – July 8th 2017, Quartair The Hague, The Netherlands

In cooperation with P.S. Performance Site The Hague


IPA and PAS week-long workshop conducted by Jürgen Fritz and BBB Johannes Deimling.

We are delighted to invite you to IPA – PAS. An intensive week of masterclasses taught by two of the most experienced instructors of today. IPA – PAS in the Netherlands is made for (preferably) experienced artists who are searching for development in their artistic practice and those who are ready to go deeper in their personal investigations in performance art.


During the full-time (7 hours) working days the selected participants explore performance art theory, put their knowledge directly into practice and reflect on the process and outcomes. They also expand their network by making valuable connections with other performers from all over the world. After four days the groups will switch teachers so that everyone has a chance to experience the diversity of approaches to performance. You can read more about the approaches of their workshops here:

BBB Johannes Deimling:

Jürgen Fritz:


Reade more


IPA Venice 2016 –

May 25th – Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Workshop Jürgen Fritz.

Artists: Vincent Campos, France; Kimi Nguyen, UK; Ieva Savickaite, Lithuania; Laura  Gildner, Canada; Inês Miguel, Portugal; Lisa Freeman, Ireland; Gulhatun Yildirim, Turkey; Hannah Clark, UK; Graham Martin, UK; Larysa  Bauge, Netherlands; Tyśka  Samborska, Poland;


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