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Christian Rätsch shows: VASISTAS featured artists: Burçak Konukman “Einzelausstellung”

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The very first solo show “Einzelausstellung” of turkish artist currently based in Hildesheim, Germany, Burçak Konukman, will take place at the Vasistas-project space in Dresden, Germany on 4th July at 7 pm.

The exhibition shows a collection of personal pieces in a personal as well as political context of the artist through performance, video and photo installation. For Konukman art is pilgrim, a voyage and a seek of engram as the artist himself states. The solo show „Einzelausstellung“ at the Vasistas-project space will show not only art as pilgrim but also the artist as pilgrim between turkey and germany. A costume party in a summer camp, where the Konukman family was dressed as super hero (his father), clown (his mother), rabbit (his sister) and he-man without a sword (the artist himself) was the first performance of Konukman and from this point he took the inspiration for all of the following steps in his journey. The poem performance together with Valentin Peitz in Berlin 2015 is a part of the family-inspired work as well as the vintage jacket his mother gave him.

A suitcase full of art is traveling with him from Turkey to Germany and is also running with him from the army with a little help from his superhero family. His journey took him to Hildesheim in Lower Saxony where he put bottle caps on his vintage jacket. Burçak Konukman is an artist with questions that are more than just focused on individual fulfillment. As an outsider of Europe he want’s a feedback as shown at the 1 hour video documentation of a think-tank about the EU, Germany and Greece. Because of his life as a traveling artist, Konukman experiences the world from a different point of view as a in a local life in turkey. Sometimes, he says, he wonders about why he recognizes the EU more than his own country. His art is a way to figure that out, to learn and to make all his experiences visible and somehow his parents opened this path in his life to do art. “This exhibition is so personal”, he says and further “and my art is absolutely personal”.

For that he dedicates the exhibition to his art-supportative friends and his superhero family who aren’t just heroes but also performers. Step by and be the guest of the guest-man who is a guest, which is what Konukman means in English. Burçak Konukman is part of the featured list of, a platform for young artist to show and tell about their artwork and occasionally get exhibited as in this case. During the time of his MA studies of cultural management at Bilgi University he decided to go to Germany and takes part at the Erasmus exchange program of the department of Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication at the University of Hildesheim. He is known for his interdisciplinary video and photo installations with life performances and site specific interventions.

The co-founder and codirector of Germany based İPA (international Performance Association) İstanbul is the Art Director of the “Platform Young Performance Artists” – festival which took place in İstanbul in 2012,2013 and 2014. Opening of the exhibition is on 4th to 19th July at Gewerbehof Jagdweg 1-3, 01159 Dresden, Germany. For any further information feel free to contact Vernissage: 04th July, 7-10 pm Duration: 5th – 19th July Openings: friday – sunday: 4-7 pm Presscontact Miriam Koch E-Mail:

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